5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Moving Company

Moving is a serious business. So many families and individuals can end up suffering under a ton of stress when moving time comes around that it can often take away the fun and excitement of starting life in a new home or new environment. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re a seasoned mover or you’re just moving for the first time, it helps to remember that when it comes to changing places, you’ve got plenty of options. You can try hiring a mover from one of the best moving companies phoenix has to offer, or you can ask friends and family to help load up a UHaul. Choosing a moving company, however, can come with a lot of benefits, especially if you have a ton of stuff to move. But not all moving companies are created equal, and before you hire anyone, you’ll have to make sure you’re asking questions and making sure everything is covered on your end. From moving insurance to interstate moving options, here are a few things you should check before signing on with a moving company.

1. Background Research is Important

You may imagine that the sheer bounty of resources at your disposal will make choosing a mover a simple task. However, having a ton of options to choose from tends to make this kind of decision harder, not easier. In order to make sure you’re making the best possible choice, do a bit of research on your moving company of choice to find out what other users have said. Is the feedback mostly positive? Are they listed on any registry? Are there a lot of complaints about missing or damaged items? Doing a quick Yelp search should clue you into anything potentially shady going on. Remember, don’t be swayed by an affordable price tag. Doing a thorough amount of research and checking references could help stop you from making a pricey mistake.

2. Moving Between States Requires Different Protocol

Every move is different. If you’re just moving down the block, chances are you’re dealing with different concerns than a family that’s moving across the country. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a moving company that not only specializes in the type of move your making but understands the rules and regulations that go into both intrastate (inside the state) and interstate (across state lines) moving. Different companies will have different ways of charging. Many movers may charge a flat rate and then tack on additional mileage for a long distance move, while others may hit you with a bunch of other fees. The more informed you are about the actual labor, cost, and permits it takes to do a long distance move, the less likely you’ll be to fall prey to inflated prices and filler charges.

3. You May Want Insurance

If you’re just moving a few pieces of furniture to a new neighborhood, you might not be concerned with what happens once the moving van pulls away. However, if you’re doing a big move and are concerned about valuable or sentimental pieces getting damaged or banged up during the course of the ride, you may want to look into getting moving insurance. Many times you can get a separate policy set up by the same provider you use for your car or life insurance. This will give you a policy that covers any damage your belongings undergo during a move, and it could also help you recover the cost of your belongings in the case of falling prey to a moving scam or a “rogue” moving operation. If you’re at all worried about a specific piece or a possession that means a lot to you, always protect yourself first.

4. Complaint Registries Can Fill You In

If you haven’t heard of complaint registries before, they’re a bit like a review service full of unbiased, factually-based criticisms of certain businesses that can clue you into any shady or dishonest goings-on before you decide on a moving company. Before settling on any service, check out online complaint registries to look for any telltale signs of scams. Are you seeing the same complaints being lodged by different users? Has the company responded to negative feedback or tried to make it right? Finding this out will help you place your trust in the right people.

5. “Rogue” Movers are Real

Unfortunately, there do happen to be a lot of scam moving companies out there that make their living by ripping people off. Thankfully, if you do your research and watch out for a few telltale signs, you can avoid the fate of being conned by a rogue moving service. Beware of any company that asks for cash upfront, and always ask for a copy of your mover’s rights and responsibilities before signing onto anything.

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