3 Tips for Maintaining Your Rental Property

Rental properties can be a lucrative investment, but they often require extensive maintenance. Simple organization and maintenance routines can help you succeed as a landlord. Caring for your property can ensure your tenants are happy and your financial investment remains secure.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Developing a plan and a budget for regular maintenance duties can make the hassle of renting easier. Create a yearly schedule of maintenance tasks for each property, like lawn care, cleaning gutters, testing smoke detectors, replacing air filters, and checking for leaks.

If you have multiple properties, you could do similar tasks each month so that they will be easy to remember each year. For example, in May, check the HVAC systems and replace air filters before it becomes too hot, or in November, trim trees and bushes.

Inspect Properties Regularly

Along with your maintenance schedule, an inspection schedule may help you catch problems before they become too expensive to fix. Conduct regular inspections before and after tenancy when the property is vacant. Schedule quarterly inspections ahead of time with the renter according to your local laws.

Another option would be to use a standard maintenance services Columbia Mo company to handle property maintenance and inspections. Such companies can handle inspections, maintenance, automate rent payments, and even screen potential tenants.

Budget for Large Projects

Some repairs may be more than you can handle yourself. Including a budget for professional repairs can ease financial burdens when major problems happen. Planning for major repairs like replacing the roof may give you time to research local companies and find the best company and price.

You want to keep your property in the best condition for your tenants. Regular planning, inspections, and maintenance can prevent expensive repairs and financial hardship before it becomes a problem for your rental property.


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