4 Ways To Make Unpacking Your New Home Easy

Moving to a new home is fun and exciting, but once you arrive, the amount of boxes strewn everywhere is enough to drive even the most even-keeled person crazy. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your first days in your new home are stress-free.

Label Boxes Accurately

This may seem like an obvious task, but if you become overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to pack, it can be tempting to start throwing things into boxes without any rhyme or reason. Do your best to label boxes accurately — and not just by writing the room that they belong in. Also write what is in the box in case you need to find something quickly once you move. A box labelled “kitchen” is great, but if you also add identifiers like “scissors” or “pots and pans,” unpacking will be simple. If you are working with one of the helpful local moving companies in St Louis, accurate box descriptions will make their job easier too.

Get Rid of Empty Boxes

Get rid of boxes as you empty them so they are not in your way. Having multiple boxes around your home may also give you a false sense of what is left to do, so don’t let yourself become unnecessarily overwhelmed by boxes that have already been dealt with. If you do not want to break them down and recycle them, find somewhere they can be stored out of the way while you get your home in order.

Have a Plan

Formulate a plan for which rooms you want to unpack first. Knowing exactly where you will begin as soon as the boxes start showing up will keep you from wasting time trying to concoct a game plan on the spot. What items will you need first? If you intend on sleeping in your new house on move-in day, consider unpacking the kitchen and bedroom so that you are able to eat and sleep without issue.

Don’t Empty Drawers

Leave items in your drawers and remove the drawers from your furniture if possible. Carrying a dresser without drawers makes it lighter and much less of a hassle for movers to carry anyway. Plus, you’ll have all of your items organized just as they were in your old house.

Moving can be a crazy process. Use some of these tips to make your move as seamless as possible.



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