Home Purchase: What Factors Should You Consider?

After years of paying rent and having a roommate, you’re probably excited to have a place for yourself. But with financial power comes important decision-making. You shouldn’t make your choice without considering several things.

As you consult professional mortgage brokers from Salt Lake City or other nearby areas, check out these seven aspects to think about.

Credit Score

Your credit score is likely to be the first thing your mortgage broker will look at. The higher the number, the better your chances are to get your dream home. If you’re a millennial in Utah, you’re in luck since your credit score is probably among the best in the country. To know your credit score for free, check your credit card statement or talk to a financial counselor. It’s important to consider that you have more than one credit score.

Type of Home

Do you have kids or pets? Are you a single woman or a wheelchair user? There are various factors to think about before purchasing a property. If you’re a parent or a pet owner, a detached home is an ideal choice. You need space and want to avoid complaints about noise. For single women, your concerns likely revolve around safety and privacy. If yes, you should look at condominiums. Wheelchair users should avoid buildings without stairs or a limited number of elevators. The ideal home is different for every person.

Job Location

When you’re looking at listings, it’s essential to consider the proximity to your workplace. Is it farther compared to your old place? If yes, is the commute or the traffic manageable? If you work remotely, check how thin the walls are. You don’t want to do an online meeting or call where your co-workers can hear your neighbors’ noise.


Think about your priorities. For parents, good schools nearby are a must. Employees should see whether it’s accessible to transportation options. It’s good to spend some time in your prospective area at different times of the day. You can do it on the weekend and a weekday to understand what it’s like to live there.


Besides location, you must think about how you spend most of your time. If you’re rarely at home, you don’t need to get an expensive beachside property. For those with an active lifestyle, many condos offer pool and gym amenities.


Consider the state and options available in the current market. There’s no need to rush when nothing appeals to you. Buying a property is a significant life decision. You can always wait until it feels right.

What You Want

Make a list of your negotiables and non-negotiable characteristics for your ideal home. According to architect Marianne Cusato, homebuyers tend to think of what they’re told to do, not what they want. While it’s understandable to consider the resale value of extra rooms, you should put your needs first. There’s no need to get a pricey place with three bedrooms when you only need one.


Before you make a monumental decision like buying a house, consult with professionals, and consider your needs. Making a house a real home will take time and money, but it will be worth it.

Meta Title: 7 Details to Think About When Choosing a Home

Meta Description: Buying a home comes with many questions. Can you afford one? Where should you buy it? Read these pointers as you hunt for the right house for you.

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