How To Prepare Your Home For An Inspection

There are many steps involved in selling a home: preparing your home for inspection. This is one of the most tricky steps, as it can lower the value of your home or cause potential buyers to withdraw their offer. As a seller, you may get nervous when you hear a home inspector is coming to inspect your home. Here are a few ways to prepare to make the process less stressful.

Check Your Roof

A roof is one of those installed home parts, and people forget about them until they notice a leak or another issue. But you can be sure it is one of those things the inspector will check. Therefore, before the inspector arrives, get on your ladder and inspect the roof for damage such as missing or broken tiles and moss or debris. If there is damage, fix it before the inspector arrives.

Check The Functionality Of Things The Inspector Is Likely To Check

There are certain things the inspector is likely to look at. Ensure they are functional before the home inspector shows up. This includes the toilet flush, bathroom faucets, garage doors, windows, heating ducts, etc. Deland Realtors suggest getting advice from an experienced real estate agent on what home inspectors look for.

Keep the House Clean

If potential homebuyers have come to the open house, this is most likely something you are already familiar with. Do not let things build up in your home even after an accepted offer. Maintain that level of cleanliness before the inspector arrives. While a clean house may not be among the things a home inspector looks at, a messy or dirty home makes a home inspector suspect that the house is not well taken of.

If you do the necessary repairs and keep your home clean, a home inspection is nothing to be nervous about. Follow the tips mentioned above, and your home will pass the inspection.

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