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Damages caused by water and the modern drying processes

Whenever there happens any damage to your property like home, business building etc., you have to limit the damage as soon as possible, repair what can be repaired and restore the normal structure of the place. This damage could be a result of a natural calamity like earthquake, storm, flood, hurricane or fire. Other sources of water damage could be discharging sewage, a burst pipe or mold and mildew in the property, whether it is commercial or residential.

Leaking pipes are a very common plumbing problem that could lead to serious damage. A usual issue with leaking pipes is that they are concealed within the walls or the floor. You would probably observe notice the problem too late when the damage has already been inflicted because mold and mildew start to grow in damp places within 24 to 48 hours of the appearance of water. Different infectious microorganisms are also present in the water and if not, they start growing and all these spores, if inhaled by you or any member of your family, would lead to serious diseases like cholera, mold induced asthma and typhoid etc.

Also, if your ceiling is leaking, you should deal with it in time before the mold grows or the weight and pressure of the gathered water leads to falling down of the ceiling.

Your carpets, furniture, draperies and other appliances could also be destroyed because of the accumulated water or flood water and also if your sump pump is broken in your basement. If this water comes in contact with any electrical wires or appliances, it could cause sparks and in severe cases, a huge fire that would also have the ability to burn your whole property.

If you face any form of water damage to your place, you could contact Little Rock Water damage service and ask for their professional help. The well-equipped and experienced workers in their team of technicians would use the latest methods of clean up, repair and restoration to bring your place back to its normal state.

Although all the steps of disaster management and restoration are equally important but in, we could say that drying process is unique to any type of water damage and so it is also an important step.

With advancing technology and techniques, the restoration contractors now have a variety of options available to use for the drying process. Some of the newest drying technologies are:

Desiccant dehumidifier: These contain silica gel that absorbs the moisture in the air and let out warm and very dry air with temperature of 43.33-degree Celsius.

Rescue Mat: This system has the ability to pull out water from hardwood floors more effectively than a simple vacuum pump.

LGR Dehumidifiers: These are way better than the old ones as they have the ability to remove many gallons of water from air and the result would be a very low relative dampness of just 10%.

Intra-wall drying: You don’t have to remove the drywall but only baseboards. Then air is propelled by making small holes in the wall and the walls are dried.

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