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How not to fall into debt in 2022

See the best tips for your year to be even happier!

Haven’t you promised that you would never go into debt again and, after a while, you found yourself in debt? They say that people have short memories, and when it comes to money, this is even more common. After all, organize the financial effort with a lot of patience, since the goals will always be realized in the long term.

One of the best alternatives is to apply for loans from financial institutions, but even so, great care is needed. Want to know how not to get into debt in 2022? Just keep reading.

Cut the precious goods

Many of our debts can come to shopping, which we can just do. We buy too much and, in the end, consume too few of the products. Lots of clothes and shoes we don’t wear, books we don’t have, food we throw away. In times of resource constraint, it is worth helping our consumption to rethink expenses.

You don’t spend just buying products. We can spend too much on services too, such as water and electricity. We let the lights on then install, but they don’t work enough, just like the computer, it takes longer for what is necessary.

You may be inclined to do a little-needed renovation to your home and wait a little longer. Think about it if you can’t leave it for later, for when the economic situation is more balanced and the property really needs it!

The truth is that we have to change habits and give up some things to avoid debt. It is not always easy, but it is necessary. When we face a generalized crisis, there is no way out: cut expenses and leave the superfluous, focusing our attention on what is fundamental.

Have an emergency fund

Among our tips, it is worth talking about this debt. From the moment you stop spending on the useless, the tendency is that you save money. A cash reserve is very important for emergency situations.

Make a good financial plan

It is worth pointing out that cash commitments are interesting for the future — and that you can avoid having them. One is efficient and effective when it manages to keep the planning accounts (whether an individual or a legal entity)

Through a good financial plan, you can set goals, carry out plans, organize expenses and invest. It is necessary to establish a balance between the gains and the expenses made.

Know how much you earn

Knowing how much you earn and how much you spend is the first step in any financial plan! Want to invest? Pay off debts? Avoid new debts? Plan your goals? So know how much you earn.

Look for your latest payslip and write down exactly everything that goes into your account. Appraisers are evaluated on their salary! There are a lot of people who don’t know for sure the amount of taxes deducted, so they have no idea how much they actually receive.

If you can’t, consider an average and try to be realistic: think about the economic situation to have a value that can be able to predict your income as well (if the economy is similar to the month, possibly your earnings can be similar).

Another important tip for this case is also to remember if there are months when your income is usually lower, this will help you not to be scared.

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