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3 Reasons Connecticut Is a Great Place To Live

If you haven’t changed residences recently, chances are you will soon. One study revealed that moving is something the average American does more than 11 times in his or her life. If you are among those looking to make a location change, you might want to consider Connecticut. It recently was listed as the second-best state in which to live, thanks in part to a high life expectancy, low poverty rate and overall favorable quality of life. Here are three more reasons Connecticut is such an ideal destination.

City Life

Many are attracted to Connecticut because of its small-town charm, yet its proximity to major metropolitan centers gives residents the best of both worlds. Boston and New York City are just short drives away, and the state capitol of Hartford offers a bounty of big city benefits. A West Hartford CT realtor could help you find a property that lets you feel like you’re getting away, but not too far away.

Low Crime

Everyone wants to feel safe, but it’s especially important for those with children. The state’s low crime rate is one reason why so many families are flocking to the region. Violent crime is significantly lower than the national average, while even property crime rates are favorable when compared to country-wide figures.


Every season is to be savored in Connecticut. Summer is best spent on the sandy shoreline with its beautiful ocean vistas, while the cherry blossom-lined streets burst with beauty every spring. In winter, sit back with a cup of cocoa and watch an amazing New England snowfall. The countryside’s changing leaves come alive in a swath of red, orange and yellow every autumn in what is the nation’s longest fall foliage season.

Connecticut may be a small state, but it will occupy a large place in your heart. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s a dream destination.


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