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Here’s why you should you hire a professional HOA management company instead of opting for self-management

When it comes to managing a homeowner’s association, many people choose to take the self-management route. Some communities think that they don’t need outside help at all while some others consider the cost-saving aspect. If you’re based in Texas or Colorado and are in a dilemma about whether you should hire a professional HOA management company like Worth Ross for high-rise community management or self-manage your association, take a look at some of the key advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional company over self-managing your association. First, let’s take a quick look at both of these aspects.

What is a professionally managed community association?

Here, a major part of the HOA responsibilities, if not all, are handed over to a professional HOA management company like Worth Ross in Colorado or Worth Ross in Texas. The association pays the management company for the services received. One of the specialties of Worthross high-rise Management in Texas.

Key advantages:

Professional expertise: When it comes to board members, the lack of professional training and knowledge often acts as a major concern. For instance, you may not have anyone on the board with solid financial knowledge to manage budgets and expenses. On the contrary, a reputable HOA management company like Worth Ross appears with a robust pool of skills and knowledge. These put it in a place to handle all kinds of tasks efficiently – from managing financials to adhering to legal regulations. Additionally, being professionals, the team can handle varied situations that may not be effectively handled by the board members.

Reduced workload: Running an HOA requires the board members to invest a significant amount of time and effort. This often makes it difficult for them to balance professional and personal lives. However, with a professional HOA Management Company like Worth Ross means this stress gets reduced dramatically. All the processes and procedures are managed by the team so the board members don’t need to think about anything.

Enhanced property value: By hiring a professional community management company, you can rest assured that the entire community will be in top-notch condition. On the contrary, volunteers, who’re responsible for managing the HOA, generally have full-time jobs elsewhere, which often result in poor management. From urgent phone calls going unanswered to important payments going unnoticed – lots of unwanted things can happen when volunteers try to manage the HOA responsibilities.

When the association becomes disorganized, it leads to a poor reputation of the community. As a result, homeowners in a self-managed community often experience a hard time when selling the properties. At the worst, they may have to sell the properties below the market value. What’s more, a top-tier HOA management company like Worthross Colorado manages all the maintenance tasks of the HOA. From creating maintenance plans and completing them to employing properly licensed vendors to performing routine inspections – everything is taken care of by the team.

By hiring a full-service HOA management company, you’ll get a comprehensive range of services. Even if there’re some urgent issues, you’ll be able to contact an experienced community manager who’ll address them immediately.

Key disadvantages:

Even though there are lots of benefits of hiring a top-notch community management company like Worth Ross in Colorado and Texas, there are some disadvantages as well. It’s good to know both sides of the coin so that you can make an informed decision.

Reduced control for the board: When a professional HOA management company performs the HOA responsibilities, it often gets a good amount of control over the regular operations. If the board members tend to be highly involved in community matters, it may lead to reduced decision-making powers. While the board will still be able to approve or disapprove crucial decisions, it might have less control over daily operations.

Increased cost: Undeniably, hiring a professional community management company costs money. The monthly fee will usually be proportionate to the number of services received. Therefore, if you’re a small association, hiring such a company may not be a financially viable option. On the contrary, if your community has hundreds of homes, self-managing it will most likely become an uphill task.

The absence of personalized communication: While a professional HOA management company takes care of all kinds of HOA responsibilities, its employees are professionals at the same time. Therefore, a third-party community manager may not have any personal rapport with the homeowners, which may occasionally lead to misunderstandings or issues.

What is a self-managed community association?

Here, typically the board of directors manages the HOA responsibilities as a group of volunteers. From the association’s daily tasks to compliance with the laws applicable to the HOA – everything is managed by these volunteers.

Key advantages:

Less stringent rules: Often self-managed associations tend to have less stringent rules compared to those managed by professional companies. As professionals try to keep everything compliant with the regulations, the rules it wants to implement might be a little stricter.

Exclusivity: Self-managing an association often provides the members with the opportunity to maintain privacy and exclusivity. Implementation of rules is generally enforced by the members, which helps them to maintain self-determination.

Key disadvantages:

In addition to the disadvantages mentioned, there’s also another major disadvantage that’s often experienced by self-managed communities. When enforcing rules within the community, there are certain guidelines that must be followed by the homeowners of an HOA-regulated area. When these processes and relevant documentation aren’t handled by a professional community management company like, it may result in compliance issues. To address them, self-managed communities may have to consult an attorney on an ongoing basis.

Here’s the deal

As you can see, hiring a leading HOA management company like Worth Ross in Colorado or Texas brings you a multitude of benefits than self-managing your association. However, it’s crucial to consider the specific needs and requirements of your association before making any final decision. Though hiring such a company with experts may seem like an expensive affair initially, it may prove to be cost-effective over time. This becomes particularly true if your board members don’t have adequate knowledge of community matters as their decisions may make the association incompliant with the applicable rules and regulations.


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