How to Apply for a Free Phone in the USA

Since 1985, the US government has been running a program dubbed Lifeline Assistance to help all Americans, even low-income earners, enjoy the benefits of owning a mobile phone. This article discusses how to apply and get subsidized cell phone Oklahoma or in any other region in the state.

How to Apply

The program runs in almost all the regions of the US. However, not all citizens are eligible for assistance. For instance, you must prove to the government that your income is at or less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify. However, citizens who are already receiving government aid such as Medicaid or Federal Public Housing Assistance may be made eligible quickly. Here are the steps.

  1. Apply and Qualify

Use the Lifeline National Verifier to fill in your details, register an account, and wait for verification. If the Lifeline National Verifier can’t prove your qualification based on the information you provided, they may ask you to present your verification documents for proof.

You may choose to upload the documents directly or save and complete them later. Remember that you have 45 days to complete the process, from application to qualification.

  1. Pick phone or Internet Company

If you qualify for the service, you’ll have 90 days to choose your favorite phone or internet provider, depending on your region, and sign up for a service with them. If you already have an active service, you may ask your current company to apply the lifeline benefit to the existing service.

  1. Sign up

Once you’re done with the processes, sign up and start enjoying your lifeline benefits. The US government, through Lifeline Assistance, strives to ensure that you enjoy the opportunities and security that come with owning a phone even when you can’t afford the costs. However, it’s essential to note that every household can only benefit from one Lifeline; you can’t transfer your benefits to another person, and remember to be honest while filling the application form.


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