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How to Best Start the House Hunting Process

When searching for a home, there are a few important things to consider. The first is understanding how much money you can be pre-qualified for with a mortgage and the second is understanding what you are looking for in a home. Once these two main issues are resolved, the process of looking at a home becomes easier.

In many cases, realtors and sellers of a home will not even look at a proposed buyer unless they have been prequalified by a lending institution. Most mortgage companies will prequalify a buyer for free and can even provide a basic letter to show that they have been pre-approved up to a specific amount. This is an important first step before beginning the house hunting process.

Once a pre-approval letter has been obtained, buyers can begin to assess what they want in a home. It is important to begin to look at what can be bought at the amount of money that the pre-approval letter states. Looking at homes that are not within the right price range is a wasted effort.

Having a specified pre-approval letter helps buyers begin to better understand what they can afford to buy within their budget. This begins to help shape an outline for prospective houses to look at and what they have for amenities.

Almost everyone has a wish list when they start to look at getting a home. The most important process is defining what items are the most important on the list of amenities. For people who have the ability one of the easiest ways to get the best home that fits a budget is to look for a new home. People who are looking for new homes gluckstadt ms or a pre-existing home should always define what they are looking for before they start looking.

The primary items that should be on the top of the list are: 

• Style of Home
• Square Footage of The Home
• Number of Bedrooms
• Condition of the Home
• Amenities of the Home

Not all designs for a house work for all people. Because of this, beginning to discern what home style works best is important. Each style of home has its advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what those are before starting a real estate search can save a significant amount of wasted time and effort when looking at houses. Looking at the number of bedrooms required is essential. There are cases where a home has rooms that are not being used as bedrooms that could easily be converted. This is the case with Dens, Play Rooms and Storage Rooms. If the room can easily be converted back into a bedroom, then it should be considered as a potential bedroom. Looking at a listings overall square footage is important to deciding whether to look at a home. Home’s that fit the design and bedroom count but are smaller than is needed can be ruled out quickly from looking at home stats.

Knowing the basic condition of the home before deciding if it should be on the list of homes to view is important too. With a new home, it is important to know how far along the home is in the construction phase. Most realtors can find out a little about the condition of the home and pictures of the listing usually help define this before setting up a showing. Homes that have appliances and air conditioning can save buyers from having to purchase them. This as well as other items like fireplaces and extra storage or a garage should all be part of the process to narrow a search for the “perfect home”.

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