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Transform Your Home from Shabby to Work-chic in the Pandemic

More than half of Americans are working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Data shows that 44% of them want to continue working from home even after states lift pandemic precautions.

Their preference can become a reality because several companies, including Ford, Facebook, and Google, already announced that they would continue indefinitely with remote work or a home-office hybrid with flexible hours. Job postings by various companies for remote work or work-from-home opportunities increased to more than double compared to pre-pandemic figures and are still increasing.

If you are among those who are working from home, there is a high probability that you will continue to do so. If this is no longer a temporary arrangement, it is time to ask yourself if your living space now serves your new needs.

Work Needs

I am sure it does not feel good to work on the dining table every day, having to share your desk with dishes at mealtimes. Get yourself a proper desk and while you are at it, consider one that adjusts between being a seating and a standing desk. Experts say that remaining seated for long hours leads to chronic disease. You must alternate between sitting and standing at work.

Also, get yourself an ergonomically designed chair that supports your back properly to avoid back pain and other aches and pains.

Working from home means having a lot of online meetings. It is best to work in a room with a door that can shut out the noise from the rest of the household if you are not living alone. If there is no other room in the house, you can set up your work desk in the bedroom.

Make sure, though, that you will not have your bed and closets as your background when you turn on your camera. This makes you look unprofessional. Position your desk so that your back is against the wall.

If your wall now looks shabby, consider giving it a new coat of paint or new wallpaper. Of course, you must do this to the entire room and not just the portion of the wall at your back. To save money, you can choose a discontinued wallpaper pattern that often comes at a discount. Just make sure you can buy enough to cover the entire room.

Give Yourself a Break

Two extremes pose a risk to those who are working remotely from home. One is not knowing when to stop working and spending more than the required hours at work. The other is succumbing to the temptation of doing other things that are not work-related.

You are more prone to do the former if nothing is interesting at home after signing off from work. On the other hand, you will tend to do the latter if there is much you need to do to clear out distracting clutter at home.

Clean up not only the area near your workstation but your entire home, as well, to avoid the distraction of a long list of chores to do. After the general cleaning, it takes less time to maintain a clutter-free space every day.

You can also reward yourself by giving your home a makeover so that it will be a relaxing place where you can chill out after work.

You can extend your paint or wallpaper project to the rest of the house. This will freshen up your space and can make it look like a new environment. You can also repaint or strip down and varnish some of your furniture to match your walls.

Change your throw pillows, rugs, and curtains so that they complement your new color palette. You can choose to go monochromatic for a more tranquil look or combine bright colors for a livelier atmosphere.

Decorate with indoor plants that also help clean the air by filtering out toxins. Even if you do not have a green thumb, you can look for plants that require the least maintenance.

If you have outdoor space, consider building a patio or deck where you can breathe in the fresh air after work. This can also be a good exercise space for you.

Work-life Balance

You can find your balance between work and home life if you make time to set up an efficient workspace and spruce up the rest of your home.

With everything in its place and with the things you love surrounding you, you can buckle down to work comfortably and then unwind and enjoy yourself afterward.

It is not surprising that many Americans now prefer working from home because it is truly the best of both worlds.

Meta title: Do a Work-from-home Makeover amid COVID-19
meta desc: When working remotely from home, you can find a balance between work and home life if you set up an efficient workspace and spruce up the rest of your home.

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