Understanding Possible Age-Related Problems

As humans, we live much longer than ever before due to improved food availability, exercise, and health care. While some age gracefully and keep their mental abilities well into old age, others may develop health problems and require medical intervention. If your parents are becoming part of the aging population, there are things you can do to help.

Housing Problems

As people age, their mobility may decline considerably. Eventually, even though they may think about accomplishing daily tasks and visiting friends, it may not occur. Moving your parent to a senior housing development Lincolnwood IL can be the answer. With an on-site nursing staff and friends living next door, your parent can enjoy a high quality of life, even with mobility problems.

Memory Loss

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are not always part of old age, but it can be a huge burden on both the parent and the rest of the family when the diseases appear. As the older parent begins recognizing their limitations and missing time, sadness, desperation, and depression may all set in. Discuss the situation with your parent during their lucid moments and find out how they want to handle the situation.

Financial Difficulties

Once your elderly parent retires, the opportunities for a quality life may seem to diminish. As prices continue to rise and available money stays the same, it can be challenging to maintain their home, bills, and expenses. Their desperation to come up with additional cash can make them vulnerable to scams and fraud. Warn them about cheats and review their monetary situation several times a year.

Burial Preparations

Your parents know their time on earth is limited, however, preparing for the inevitable may be a topic that is difficult to breach with them. Gently remind them that they need to let you know their final wishes and ask them to create a will or trust. Once the topic of death is breached, you may be surprised to discover your parent will feel free to openly discuss the situation.

You can help your parents with their age-related problems, but it takes time. It also requires a lot of patience.


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