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Value-Boosting Garden Decoration Ideas

If you’ve every consulted a real estate brokerage about the best way to present your home before putting it on the market, you will almost certainly have heard the term curb appeal thrown around quite a bit. In fact, you cannot have been involved in the property market for very long at all if you’ve never heard it uttered. Curb appeal represents certain elements of your house that are visible from outside. And as any realtor will tell you, it is absolutely essential for making a sale.

What Makes Great Curb Appeal?

Given that definition, you probably have a pretty good idea of what elements we’re talking about. Things like the roof, the facade, the front door, the windows (and the view inside), the garage and, of course, the front garden are all essential for creating a winning curb appeal. Without one, you are unlikely to make a sale simply because curb appeal means first impressions – and first impressions are particularly important.

CityHome Collective, a real estate broker of condos and lofts out of Utah, say that curb appeal needs to always be thought of in terms of adding or subtracting value. A flaky paint job on the front door subtracts, a modern sleek and functional looking garage adds, and so on. Moreover, unless were talking about condos or apartments, there is the garden to consider as well. For some property types, this is absolutely vital to get right.

What Properties Need a Stunning Front Garden?

But what property types are these? Generally, the property style known as “traditional house” is the one where the garden has the real potential to make or break a home’s curb appeal. This isn’t so much an architectural classification (it is a bit too generic for that) but instead refers to the dimensions of the home, where it is located, and what it contains.

A traditional house is the two floors, several bedroom type of house which is common in typical suburban communities. There is often a garage, and there is always a front garden.

For this type of house, the negative effect an overgrown garden could have cannot be understated. The garden flanks the whole front of the house, and visitors will literally walk through it before they even reach the front door (which is another curb appeal essential). If you want to see value appreciation and good selling potential for this type of property, getting the garden right is a must.

Garden Decoration Ideas

So, what’s in right now? What adds value? What is eternally popular? Instead of answering those questions, it might be best to look to some garden decoration examples that will give you inspiration and good jumping-off point. Here are a few:

Rain Garden

A rain garden means planting shrubs or perennials in a spot that is slightly lower than the rest of the garden, where rainwater can then collect to nourish them. This is popular choice right now and a sure value booster.

Garden Paths

For the traditional house property type just mentioned, garden paths are the norm. However, they can be a simple trail, or they can be constructed from stone slabs or some other materials. They can also fork off towards other points in the garden.

Lighting and Ornaments

There are too many examples here to give more detailed advice than “include it”. Just be careful that garden ornaments are tasteful and that you do not overcrowd the garden. The same goes for lighting: don’t overdo it.

For some types of properties, the garden might be less important or even be absent. But for others, your home’s curb appeal could well rely on it.

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