Ways For Tracking Down Expired Listing Leads

There are numerous ways to track down expired listing leads | Espresso Agent. Some agents use social media, emailing, or cold calling to reach prospects. But these techniques have limitations. The list of ways to track down expired leads is lengthy, so we’ll focus on one method at a time. The goal is to identify a way to reach out to each individual. For example, a real estate agent with connections in the sphere of influence is more likely to find a buyer than someone who has never met a real estate professional.

Real estate prospecting services

Real estate prospecting services can help realtors find and contact expired listing leads. These services search MLS databases to find expired listings and reliable contact information. While real estate prospecting services are expensive, they save you time and energy by searching through dozens of listing databases. Moreover, they usually include CRM software and autodialers. When using these services, set up a CRM to track the communication you have with the leads.

Prospecting in real estate involves making the phone ring for potential clients. First, you must remember that this is work. The goal is to get the phone ringing for those who aren’t quite ready to buy yet. As long as you follow up with these leads regularly, your efforts will pay off. You can also set goals every six months. These targets should be related to the number of sales you expect to close within the six months.

Cold calling

FSBOs and expired listings aren’t exempt from the Do Not Call List. If someone is on a Do Not Call list, they can’t be contacted by phone for solicitation. Violations can land you in hot water and cost you $40,000 fines. So you’d better clean up your contact list before you start cold calling. Another old-fashioned way to cold call expired listing leads is through a letter. If you have the address of the property owner, you can contact them through snail mail.

When cold calling expired listing leads, share information about yourself and the property you’re selling. This way, you can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of the real estate market. Expired listings are usually more receptive to information, so share your experiences and goals. Also, make sure to listen to the potential client’s concerns and never push them too hard. If they feel heard, they’ll be more likely to schedule a follow-up meeting with you.


If you are not aware, emailing expired listing leads is a great way to contact potential buyers who have passed on a property you have listed. While the initial conversation is usually not fruitful, you can offer some marketing ideas over a cup of coffee. For example, some agents prefer yellow letters, while others follow up with a knock on the door. Whatever strategy you choose, research is critical to a successful campaign. There are many places to look for data about expired listings and what your message should be.

You should always offer a free market report to expired listing leads, which can put the minds of potential buyers at ease. Also, make sure that the letter includes a marketing plan for social media ads, website updates, and local advertising. These tips will help you convert the expired listing leads you to have into paying clients. Also, it’s worth considering the power of email marketing to build a strong referral base. Finally, if you’re having trouble generating leads, you can sign up for a real estate agent website such as Easy Agent Pro.

Social media

Increasing your social media presence can be an effective way to track down expired listing leads. Using social media to attract these leads rather than wasting money on ineffective advertising. Instagram is the perfect platform to use if you want to attract a high-quality number of expired listings. Instagram offers the same level of targeting as Facebook without the hefty price tag. It’s also free and can target users directly, rather than relying on intermediaries like Google and Microsoft Bing.

The key to tracking down expired listing leads is understanding your target audience and creating a strategy around that niche. Expiring listings are often not actively seeking buyers or sellers, making it a prime opportunity for motivated sellers. Although you’ll likely have to invest some money in marketing, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run if you know how to approach them. In addition, using social media to track down expired listing leads can help you reduce the costs associated with marketing your business.

Case studies

You can use several techniques to track down expired listing leads. You don’t necessarily have to use the phone, but you can do door-knocking or write to people in the area where they lived when their listings expired. Direct mail marketing is another way to follow up with these contacts. Although it’s old-school, many marketers still succeed in this strategy. While more agents are shunning it, those who include it will find it to be an even more effective marketing tool.

Another method is to manually search for expired listings on the multiple listing service (MLS). If the listing does not sell, the agent can copy the contact information and send a follow-up email. Alternatively, a letter could be written and sent to the expired listing lead. You can use a professional letterhead and directly target your message to the seller. The letter should be tailored to their needs so that the lead is more likely to respond.

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