What is a luxury home?

Everyone has a slightly different image when they think ‘luxury home’, but many can agree, when hearing the term, their mind wanders to the lavish, extravagant mansions of the rich and famous, filled with all the amenities the heart desires.  When it comes to real estate, the term ‘luxury’ is defined according to the given market.  In bigger cities, the idea of luxury is very different than in a smaller town.  However, to give a general idea, luxury is typically a house that is priced at $1 million and above in most American cities.  However, there are some exceptions in more desirable cities such as New York, a global trading hub, where luxury is usually closer to around $4 million.

What makes a home luxury?

While there is no set definition, luxury homes are typically located in a prime area with high-end features such as marble countertops, customized closets, professional-quality kitchen appliances, and more hotel-like amenities such as a fitness center or spa.  In major cities, sometimes owning a condo that was built by a renowned architect is what makes it luxury. Prestige is another important factor.  Many buyers are looking for places that will impress others and be easy to manage from abroad (when consistent travel is a part of their routine).

Let’s take a look at some of the architectural styles you can typically find in luxury homes.


A storybook style home draws inspiration from classic fairy tales.  They typically have a very old-timey look to them, while still being modern.  They are defined by cobblestones, uneven roofing, and uniquely shaped doors and windows.  A typical storybook home would look like a mix between a modern home and a princess castle.


These homes are defined by low roofs, tapered columns, and multi-paneled windows.  They are primarily built from stone or wood and implement a muted, natural-looking color palette.  Craftsman homes are more geared towards those looking for a contemporary look.

Spanish Colonial Revival

This is a blend of both mission revival and craftsman styles.  These homes are characterized by earthy tones, tall windows, beautiful balconies, and the use of iron trimming.


This is a pretty broad category of house.  It is the type of design that gives off a very trendy and contemporary vibe.  They are more crisp and clean than many other styles, focusing more on structured lines, muted color palettes, and large windows to create an open feeling space.

Mission Revival

This architectural style is very California.  It is defined by low roofs with clay tile and adobe walls.  A typical mission revival house will be a nice, clean white and accentuates that feature with a large, beautiful bungalow pool.


This is another popular California style of home architecture, comparable to the craftsman style.  The style is characterized by low pitched roofs and actually tend to be smaller than most other luxury homes.  The layout is generally very simple, built out of either stone and/or wood, and generally surrounded by greenery, with easy access to the outdoors.

There are a number of different styles of luxury homes available on the market, many boasting some interesting and unique features.  What makes these homes ‘luxury’ are their stand out amenities and focus on creating a piece of artwork out of architecture.  As you can see from these styles, each one tells a story, gives off a certain vibe, creating more than just a building you live in, but an entire experience.  While these types of houses may cost you, they are specifically designed for your comfort and enjoyment, making them the perfect forever homes.

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